yikes ('yIks), interjection. Used to express fear or astonishment.

Yikes! On the web

The one and only...
Yikes McGee
Protest Songs for the New Millennium.
Strange and disturbing pictures, which are rarely updated.
A family's web site, I think. Nice pictures.
Yikes Internet Specialists
A women owned-and-operated business dedicated to making the Internet more accessible.
Yikes! A comic?
Steve Weissman has an excellent comic named, of course, Yikes!
Yikes! Pops
multivitamin freeze pops...
Yikes! Salon
Get your hair done, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Yikes Monster
A band from Southern California
another yikes site
"full of yikes goodness!" (I have no idea.)
YIKES ("Yes, I Kan Edit Stuff")
PC text and binary file editor
Yikes! A Macintosh!
Apple wasted the name Yikes on one of its less-than-perfect computers, the initial low end Power Macintosh G4. This site shows the miserable performance of the model.
Yikes! Gallery
An art gallery...
Yikes Homepage
A personal web page of someone in Denmark...
Yikes! Bikes! Fundraiser
Bike and raise money for Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity (Minnesota).

Yikes! In print

[New Times LA]

While in Los Angeles, I noticed this cover on the New Times Los Angeles... Just had to grab a copy. The article was about special effects wizard Phil Tippett.

Yikes! In the funnies


If you have anything to add, please mail eric+yikes at yikes.com.

Yikes! Out loud

Some random clip I found.
"Tiny female voice exclaims 'Yikes!'"
Minmei Yikes
From the "Miss DJ" CD of the original Macross series.